Who We Are

Tarion is a consumer protection organization that administers Ontario’s New Home Warranty Program for new homes and condominiums. We also regulate all new home and condominium builders in Ontario.

We are part of a broader network of provincial organizations that work to ensure that the homes built and sold in Ontario meet acceptable building standards and that the builders who construct those homes stand behind their products.

The provincial standard for new home construction is set out in the Ontario Building Code (OBC). Municipalities are responsible for enforcing the OBC and issuing both building and occupancy permits. Tarion makes sure that builders have an understanding of the OBC before they receive their licence to build.

Once a homeowner takes possession of a home, they can expect the builder to repair defects or issues that may arise. The mandatory warranty program in Ontario requires that every builder provide a warranty that lasts seven years and is backstopped by Tarion. This means we guarantee that builders live up to their warranty obligations, and in the event they do not, we will step in to resolve the warranty claim with homeowners directly.

While we cannot eliminate all the risks involved in buying a new home, Tarion works hard to ensure that Ontarians looking to purchase a new home can buy with confidence, knowing that the home is protected in many different ways.

The Future of Warranty Coverage

The Future of Warranty Coverage Image

In February 2019, the Ontario government announced plans to strengthen consumer protection for new home buyers. As part of their vision for the future of the New Home Warranty Program, they announced that they are establishing a separate regulator for new home builders and vendors to better address conflict of interest issues.

Also in 2019, the government initiated consultations on the feasibility of introducing a multi-provider insurance model to deliver the warranty program. Our organization remains committed to working with the provincial government as it develops its plan for the future, and continues to provide warranty and licensing services to Ontario home buyers and builders in the interim.