When you look at a newly built home, you can see the walls and the roof – but you can’t see the system of standards, permits and inspections that exist to ensure it is well built and safe.

Long before a shovel hits the ground, builders must meet statutory minimum standards to be licensed, including demonstrating technical competence and financial capacity. In order to be allowed to build, they must then obtain building permits. And once construction is underway, there are municipal inspections at various points in the process. Before a homeowner can take possession, a builder must obtain an occupancy permit, which requires the home to meet minimum standards set by the Ontario Building Code.

Along with the regulations governing licensing for builders and construction of homes, there is warranty protection. From the beginning of the purchase process and throughout the first seven years of ownership, the new home warranty provides varying levels of coverage for deposits, delays and defects.

As Ontario’s new home building regulator and administrator of the New Home Warranty Program, Tarion is part of the network of entities that supports new home construction in Ontario.

From licensing builders and ensuring homes are enrolled in the warranty program to educating and resolving issues for homeowners, every day Tarion is helping consumers feel confident about buying a new home.

2018 Priorities

In 2018, Tarion implemented a one-year plan with a focus on operational improvements to our core services to bring the maximum benefit for our stakeholders.

Our 2018 plan focused on three main areas: